Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is It Just Me ?

We human beings are impossible
We know our future yet we
Ask people to predict it.
We know the consequences yet we do it.
We know what lies ahead yet ignore.
What is wrong with human beings?
Is it just me or all my race?
It is just me making wrong decisions?
Is it just me sleeping while others study?
Is it just me…answer me!
I demand answer…I then realize.
Yeah... it’s just me with stupidity within!
I realize ….chose blankets over books.
I realize, chose pleasure over pen.
Now got so little time…choices limited!
Can’t be tamed I thought!
Tamed, I realize!
Is it just me, procrastinating?
Is it just me, irritating?
Is it just me, dumb and foolish?
Yeah…it’s just you!
Parents trust upon me…
I playing with it…is it fun?
I must answer the questions in their eyes
Do you have answers for those?
I must answer but I lost the right!

Death too seems unfair...what am I? Is it just me?


  1. Beautiful one dear. Have me included in every list of yours. Alike we are. Optimistically, we will work for better change, together :)

    1. haha sure thing! But little i know if we can really work and not just laze around ;)

  2. Basically this happens to everyone, to every race, including me :)

    How we want our life to be? The change and decision is all in our hands.

    Love this post and please keep writing! :)

    1. Thank you :)
      Your comment means a lot to me :)
      I will try writing more now. ( fingers-crossed)