Sunday, September 21, 2014

Online journal of all that I am.

Right now it is 1:25 AM here. I am listening to Ed Sheeran’s The City.

I have decided to write!

I may not be good at it, may be worst at it but it will be fun. I am pretty sure about it.

It’s a good way to reflect and reminiscence. My stupidity, that is.

I am growing old, you know!

I will let you in some secrets as well ;)

I shall write to better myself.

I will learn about myself, you know.                                            

It probably will be afternoon when I post this online.

What do you think is your life about?

What do you like most?

What do you want to do?

It’s time to get real.

I am not an amazing student nor responsible a citizen but I am sure I am a girl who is alive.

Kicking and not just surviving among all these 7 billion creatures.

It is raw but I will keep on writing :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

My Grandpa, My Story.

My name is Meera Ghalley. A Ghalley is who I am. My Grandpa, Lal Bahadur Ghalley who is now 64 shares stories about my origin. One I would like to share. He claims the following story is what he read from a book. (The title and the author is not known for he doesn’t remember nor he has the book any longer. He says the book had great pictures [drawings] of Ghalleys back then.)
My grandpa says Ghalleys are stupid and not clever or intelligent. (I don’t know how much of it is true though).
It’s a talk from thousands of years ago. Ghalleys were originally from Tibet. My grandpa names Lhasa to be one and Bangra ( i don't know the present name of this place now , it may be changed ) to be the second. He even claims from Bangra we( Ghalleys) got separated. They were Buddhist. They were named such as chimi, Kinley and chungsho.They used to wear ghos,woven hat and wear kabney criss-crossing beautifully on their upper body. Only yaks was their source of livelihood. My Grandpa shares once there was a time when the Thakurs from Rajasthan had come massacring the people. This period gave birth to the mother of Ghalleys. Her name was Akala. She was from china. She had married a Ghalley. (My grandpa doesn’t remember who, sorry.) Grandpa shares the reason why Akala was called the mother of Ghalleys, it is said once a group of Ghalleys were having a party (I don’t know about what kind though), Akala was one among those Ghalleys but the Thakurs attacked them (a surprise attack). The men were brutally murdered but the women were planned to be killed next assuming they were mere helpless beings. But Akala wasn’t helpless, she escaped and had reached monger village (china’s and mongar’s border back then).She was given shelter there, (My grandpa doesn’t remember any specifics). She gave birth to a boy. She leaves her son there with the owners of the house for she had heard rumors of Thakurs coming there to attack them asking the owners of the house to protect him and make the boy carry his surname no matter what happens. Making such requests she goes back to china. It is believed because of her we still have surname Ghalley left. The owners protected the boy by feeding him goat’s milk and if they sensed any oncoming danger they hid the boy in the chicken’s shelter. Little wonder why Ghalleys don’t eat goat’s meat. It is said if Ghalleys eat goat’s meat then it’s like eating your parent’s meat and if you eat chicken then it’s like eating your friend’s meat. A cannibalism on a whole new level.
My grandpa says Ghalleys don’t drink water from malay khola (I don’t know where that is nor its English name), however it is said so for the fact that the massacre happened near the river and the blood of all our ancestors mixed in and is still flowing thus we don’t drink water from that source.
We are Hindu now and we have names such as Tika, Raju and Khusbu all because of that one massacre done by the Thakurs from Rajasthan. They threatened the remaining Ghalleys to obey what their demand or order was. The Ghalleys were to change their religion and as well as their naming system. If they put on any rebellious act the Ghalleys were brutally murdered. My grandpa say some were even boiled to death.
Karba,Ghasung,Pailang and galyang are the four basic sub-divisions within Ghalley. I am Ghasung. My mother is karba. Father is ghasung.A pure Ghalley breed I am.
Hundreds of years ago Ghalleys arrived at samtse and then while travelling and walking around with animals they spread over the country.

I am a Ghalley. So are my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents and it continues. Well my grandpa claims all my ancestors are GhalleysJ.My parents got the same story to tell for they both are Ghalley and fortunately from the same village. I am lucky, aren’t I? J.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


 Dramatic scene, I am in
Melodramatic I have been
Existence, worthless here
Narrow mentality I to bear
The change…I too feel
Heartache. Now won’t heal
“What happened?” I am asked
“Nothing “I stay masked.
It was my choice
Face it, Tears I to rejoice.
Nobody to blame
It’s all because of me, I claim!

Is It Just Me ?

We human beings are impossible
We know our future yet we
Ask people to predict it.
We know the consequences yet we do it.
We know what lies ahead yet ignore.
What is wrong with human beings?
Is it just me or all my race?
It is just me making wrong decisions?
Is it just me sleeping while others study?
Is it just me…answer me!
I demand answer…I then realize.
Yeah... it’s just me with stupidity within!
I realize ….chose blankets over books.
I realize, chose pleasure over pen.
Now got so little time…choices limited!
Can’t be tamed I thought!
Tamed, I realize!
Is it just me, procrastinating?
Is it just me, irritating?
Is it just me, dumb and foolish?
Yeah…it’s just you!
Parents trust upon me…
I playing with it…is it fun?
I must answer the questions in their eyes
Do you have answers for those?
I must answer but I lost the right!

Death too seems unfair...what am I? Is it just me?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bhutan and Happiness.

Bhutan is a country populating 741053 people.  It has put forward Gross national happiness claiming happy citizens are more important than rich ones. Bhutan now is a developing country, no more the poorest. Bhutan may have developed but it still has the same happy citizens. Their happiness did not depend on the economic status of the country. When the country develops and becomes richer the citizens remain the same only the facilities develop. Hence their happiness is independent of money, instead happier they feel the better they work making the country richer. In addition, Aspinwall (1998) holds individuals who are happier better incorporate information leading to new ideas, which leads to creativity and invention. Therefore, happier the Bhutanese richer the country. However richer Bhutanese doesn’t mean happier Bhutanese, since their happiness depend on emotional contentment, living upon values and virtues stated by their religion (Buddhism) and family relations, social interactions and friendship.
The physical or materialistic contentment gives one only insecurities while emotional contentment gives one the precious so-called happiness. Baucells and sarin have explored Scientist’s findings about American millionaires living in huge, luxurious houses barely happier than Masai warriors in Kenya who live in the huts. With general literacy rate of 63.0% not all Bhutanese find happiness in seeming luxury. Since only 1960’s Bhutan opened the door to outside world. Budding Bhutan and its people needs happier environment and not superficial richness. Bhutanese have lived and are still living with fluttering prayer flags, green nature and smiles in the field while farming. Their emotional contentment beats any other physical showcase of happiness. According to Ricard (2007) Inner contentment contributes to social peace. Individual who is at peace with oneself will contribute naturally to establishing peace within one’s family, one’s neighborhood and if conditions permit society at large.