Saturday, May 10, 2014


We would like to tell someone most bizarre thoughts that roam along the deepest part of our mind. Tell someone all the things that are splattered in an ink, kept hidden under the bed. But we are scared that they will judge us and laugh at us. We think they wouldn’t understand. It’s hard to find a person to confide in. It’s really really hard. We have learned.
We are both happy and sad and we are still trying to figure out how that could be. I am a youth myself yet unaware of the named problems we have. It’s said we have lots. Problems with teachers, parents, friends and ourselves. I say it’s okay, since we are still growing as a person. In the ocean of life all we are trying to do is stay afloat. So the problem’s presence around us is natural though we don’t really intent to create it.
During the day if we are asked if we are happy. We would say absolutely. We are happy and we don’t need any help. We are completely okay. Then there is the other part within, at 3am sitting alone in the room wondering if anyone likes them at all. Asking themselves what‘s the point in any of this.
 We know our value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see our worth yet we act ironically. The problems of youth back then and now has changed drastically. Back then they understood themselves better and dealt with society wisely. At present youth struggle to find their true self and the idea of dealing with society scares them. Like cowards most give up. The mental state of youth now is no healthier. The suicide rates have proved it.

We are confused. We are scared. We are not just some problematic creatures. We are just naïve beings. Love, care, protection and proper education is all we need. No more, No less. Are we asking too much?


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