Saturday, May 10, 2014

I live and let people live.

Since I have to live within the society all along so I would like to believe that I care about what people think about me but I am baffled if I seriously care or not.
I am practical and rational.  I am neither too kind nor too caring.
The assurance that I have a roof above and family to care about me helps me stay strong and move on with my life.
I have three priorities set in my current life.  First my family, second is my education and third ambition.
I have survived first semester and I already have realized my ambition. How much I had it inside me the will to become a journalist.
I would want my stories be read and I want others stories be heard. Words I would like to become for the ones who can’t cry for help. A contribution to change in anyone’s life would be enough for me.
I am clumsy. I am forgetful. I am lazy. I love sleeping.
 When I am back to dorm room after the classes all I do is watch animation or movies. It’s torturous that I have so much will inside me to go out and explore the place around me but my flesh just comfortably adjusts itself inside the comforter and doesn’t move.

 Laziness triumphs.



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